Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th, 2020

 The year was 2020.

A lunar eclipse happened on June 5th.

An the Sagittarius-Gemini axis.  

Some strange things happened. Something sure did occur.

From that day on, the air shifted. After that night, the morning after wasn't the same anymore.

I forgot who I was before the eclipse. 

How did I go through all this time without realizing I've been missing out on this?

You've pulled the rug from under me. I wasn't ready but at the same time, somehow I've been waiting for this moment all my life. It was so strangely familiar too. Like I'd known and it didn't surprise me.

For that dreamful night, I thought, ok, perhaps it was just a one time occurrence.

But I was wrong. You were there again. I don't remember the second time cause I haven't recovered or deciphered what had happened.

Could it be destiny? Is this all fated? 

Were all our past actions a culmination for this point in time?

Were our births a deliberate act from the universe too, for its almost identical time and day?

You said you do believe in destiny, fates. I was skeptical before, but now I too, for it's hard to ignore what I'm seeing and hearing.

Before long, I was sucked into the vortex. It was confusing, breathless but for once, in a long long while, I had a newfound purpose. I found my direction. I found myself. I found- you. 

Are you my compass? 

Before this, I wandered too far off the road I travelled. I did wonder if I could ever find my way back. I was so lost but I didn't even know I was. I was just on autopilot, going through life. I put on this facade to show I was not affected by what had happened a few years ago but I was only fooling myself. It did affect me, in fact, it is still so traumatic, I could not not talk about it without feeling all choked up.

Fast forward to the next lunar eclipse, November 30th. They say three times a charm. They're right again.

In the midst of all the chaos, I searched for you. And you're there, at the center of it all, bringing everything into focus. My focus. Your arms reached out to me. Your embrace. Your warm embrace engulfs me. It's the safest place in the universe. There was literally no place I'd rather be. Just when I thought I'd get swept up in the hurricane, you're there to anchor me down. Your endearing smile for me when I call your name that only I knew. Everything was so clear to me. You're home itself. MY home.

What stars aligned in the sky for this to happen? Are these just eclipse dreams? or my imagination? If so, how did I even conjured this out of thin air? 

But you are real. All these are, in fact, very real.