Thursday, March 26, 2015

What went down.

Hello everybody! It's been long overdue, I know and I seriously think it's high time I dust off this blog and start updating. For I guess the past couple of years or so, I put this site into a corner and I wasn't paying much attention to it at all. Posts were scarce like water in the Sahara. Mainly because I simply didn't know what to do with this site. Should I write about my feelings? Emotions? Friends and family stuff? Things I do on the daily? What if I say too much? What will happen when people know too much? I constantly have this back and forth of a conversation in my head and I ended up just leave it as it is. I also had a lot going on in my life where I wouldn't be comfortable sharing with, and I just didn't see the point of writing and having no content.

But in the end, I think if things are bound to happen, it'll happen. I have no reason to beat myself up for it and blaming myself for everything that went the other way, also just to appreciate the blessings and silver lining that came along with it plus things I wouldn't have had if it were to be the other way.

Now deep thoughts aside, updates wise, the beginning of 2015 for me had some unexpected twist and turns - I attended the wedding of my close high school friend. It was so much feels and I'm just so happy seeing her being happy to have found her soulmate. That was back in January. February was a turning point that set the momentum for the entire year. I fell sick and on bed rest for close to a month. Liquid diet and all the other restrictions that made me unable to do anything. I literally only ate diluted liquid oats and drank water for 3 weeks. I wasn't getting any solid foods until the last week of February. It was brutal. I wish never to relive it ever again. And then, I've also made some closure and tying loose ends on issues that should have been handled way earlier and better than how I left it be. But in the end I'm glad I can close that chapter. Right now, I just hope for better months ahead on recuperating and just do what I gotta do.

I've also noticed I never set a specific theme for this site on what I should write about. Most of it are really just rambles and random stuff that I got going on in my head to put in writing. Inconsistent and jumbly for lack of a better word. Albeit, after much consideration I've finally decided on what I wanted to write about - my passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle & the occasional bits and bobs of my random muses. Still pretty much the same from what I've been writing hahaa.. but an improved version of it all nonetheless. Posts will be more consistent with more content but NO PROMISES. Please don't hold it against me. I am trying my very best here to figure things out, please be patient and I'd be immensely grateful for all the support I get.

SO, that's about it on the things I want to fill you all in on. I'm going to kickstart the momentum on The Bedtime Tag I watched by Fleur DeForce on Youtube for the next post. Do come back and check it out & if you've read all the way here, I give you a pat on the back!

See you soon!