Saturday, May 10, 2014

Green Greed

Old habits die-hard. or at least that's what they say. After much reflection, I noticed that I tend to have issues with food. No, not in the context of having eating disorder or any sort, more like a battle between my cravings and my palate. You see, when I crave a certain food, I wrapped my mind around it at every waking moment - I think about it, I plan on where to eat it or even buying the ingredients to cook it myself. Then like always it'll come down to two things, first I'll either OD-ed on the said food and/or second- after I see the food or finish preparing it myself, I don't want to eat it any more. I don't want to touch it even. 

Let's say the food for example is mac & cheese, which was what I've been craving for so so so so long and then came the day when I'm off schedule for a few days and I went to the nearest supermarket to get groceries to make it. I was very very happy that I'm finally getting to eat mac & cheese. I bought so much cheddar, mozzarella (for my pizza which I'll get to it later, or not), cream, tons of butter and of course macaroni. I filled my cart with so much pasta ingredients that day it was unbelievable. I thought I was going to lose my mind from all these cravings I was having. I'm not joking. 

Then I got home, I didn't even wait to store my ingredients I just brought out everything I need to make my food and start whipping away. Because I was preparing my food in a hungry state, I was so greedy. I boiled macaroni double the portion that I would normally eat and cos there was a lot of cooked macaroni, I had to balanced it out with more butter, more cream and more cheddar. It was greed taking over me with a capital G. So, with more of everything, my final result looks like a mac & cheese serving for a family of 4! But, in the end I was the only one who devoured it all. And I really meant all of it. In the beginning of course I was overjoyed, all the cheesy goodness and it's alllll mineeeeee, my preciousssssss (please read it in Frodo's voice). 

I ate and ate and ate the entire serving and I swear I could feel my entire organs from my throat to my stomach all lined with full cheeesseeeyyness. I'm not exaggerating but I'm telling you, on the night itself, I had the best sleep in months - probably cos I don't have any schedule line up in the next few days. Anyways, if you could have seen me while I was eating, it looks like a sight of someone who had starved for days, weeks even. It was so scary. a few days later I have this out of body reflection and what I imagined in my head, the look of it is sooo not pretty. 

So right now, it is safe to say that I OD-ed on cheese and I'll not be near anything cheese or cream or butter richness for the very near future. The next day itself I baked chocolate chip muffins cos I don't want all the good ingredients that I'd bought go to waste. 

One of the things I can't tolerate in life would be to waste food. Could be from my upbringing of what my parents stamped on my brain from birth but it really puts me off when I see food goes to waste. 

Now what really bothers me, what am I gonna do with all the food and ingredients I've made and bought? 

All I really want right now - gallons of water to chug down my system, lots of tea and lemons, spinach smoothies shots, clear vegetable soup...anything healthy and detoxifying, really.