Monday, March 24, 2014


A little run down on the low-down. One thing I never ever understood is why doesn't people ever fully comprehend the term 'none of your business'????!! I guess this phrase existed for a reason. & it is a very subtle (or not really) way to tell people off that well, you really have no right to know whatever it is I'm not telling you. Then, so why are you snooping around my matter trying to be sneaky and gets information from others? The aforementioned details are definitely irrelevant to you which is why you didn't know it in the first place. Damn, if only I could get a restraining order against you cos that would be peace to me. Utter bliss. 

I especially hate gutless individuals. Those that has a lot to say when you're not present and keeps their pie-hole totally shut when you're around. This would even apply to two-faced witches. Ungrateful witches, really. I literally couldn't understand, why?! I keep myself away from whatever muddy business your life has going on SO, why can't you do the same? Keep yourself away from what I do with my life if it doesn't concern you! Trust me, you would know if it actually concerns you. I'll make very sure of that. 

If you come by my blog just for kicks, don't worry... I'll make sure you leave with some wisdom.
Do unto others as I would have them do unto me.
Yes, if you don't like people dipping their dirty toes into your matters and life, DON'T DO IT TO OTHERS!

Have a nice day ~ !