Sunday, March 2, 2014


The other day I had a conversation with my mom and she was telling me about the official opening for the third longest bridge in the world which was on March 1st, but for some reason I thought it'll be on May 1st. I was so adamant bout it and keep telling her, "no mom... I'm pretty sure you got the date wrong. It's only gonna be open later in May." We kept going back n forth until my dad mentioned it's indeed opened on March 1st. 

Then of course I was so confused, who planted this weird date in May that I got so mixed up on. Later that night I'd only realized I read an article on Nylon for when Lana Del Rey is gonna drop her next album, 'Ultraviolence'. And you guessed it, May 1st. /handgun gesture, points at head and shoot./ 

And that my dear readers- the power of media influence.