Monday, March 24, 2014


A little run down on the low-down. One thing I never ever understood is why doesn't people ever fully comprehend the term 'none of your business'????!! I guess this phrase existed for a reason. & it is a very subtle (or not really) way to tell people off that well, you really have no right to know whatever it is I'm not telling you. Then, so why are you snooping around my matter trying to be sneaky and gets information from others? The aforementioned details are definitely irrelevant to you which is why you didn't know it in the first place. Damn, if only I could get a restraining order against you cos that would be peace to me. Utter bliss. 

I especially hate gutless individuals. Those that has a lot to say when you're not present and keeps their pie-hole totally shut when you're around. This would even apply to two-faced witches. Ungrateful witches, really. I literally couldn't understand, why?! I keep myself away from whatever muddy business your life has going on SO, why can't you do the same? Keep yourself away from what I do with my life if it doesn't concern you! Trust me, you would know if it actually concerns you. I'll make very sure of that. 

If you come by my blog just for kicks, don't worry... I'll make sure you leave with some wisdom.
Do unto others as I would have them do unto me.
Yes, if you don't like people dipping their dirty toes into your matters and life, DON'T DO IT TO OTHERS!

Have a nice day ~ !

Monday, March 17, 2014

Two-way Highway

I guess people often forget that love and relationship is a two-way thing. Yes, a guy can break a girl's heart but then we oversee that us, girls could do the same thing too, maybe worse. It's scary to think we have such power to destruct another person. In a relationship or falling in love, then without thinking (or doesn't want to) we hand over ourselves wholeheartedly at our own will to the other putting at stake that one precious thing that we held on to so dearly to us before - our heart. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


There are days I wanna watch comedy cause I want a good laugh. 

There are days I wanna watch horror cause I want a good scare. 

There are days I wanna watch thriller cause I want a good thrill. 

Today, I wanna watch a sad sob story. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Maybe I am, Maybe I am not...

I think I could be a very stubborn person when it comes to advices. I swear I'm not ever the judgemental type when I meet anyone at all but if you ever try to shove advices to my face I'll start to be very sensitive and nit pick on you as a person. Exhibit A; I'll see if you're actually fit to give me any advice...AT ALL. You're not perfect, I'm not perfect. Just give me your views but don't ever try to make me see it your way if I don't want to. Trust me, 99.999999% I won't give two seconds of my time to try your perspective. Exhibit B; here comes the stubborn part of me - the more you tell me not to do anything, I'll take that as a fuel to actually doing it. I take negativity as a motivator. I might even thrive on all the negatives. That's just me. I don't rebel per se, there's a fine line to the situation but if you keep insisting and smother, I'd definitely turn a deaf ear.

But here's the contrary, I follow instructions very well, really. If I see a wall with 'Wet Paint. Do not touch.' sign on it, I, of course won't touch it. What do you think I'm an idiot?! It's wet and it's toxic paint. I don't wanna touch that just to make sure it's actually wet. You could conclude my stubbornness from it now that I'll only listen to you if it makes sense to me. If you keep spewing rubbish from your mouth, I'll ignore you and walk the other way. I don't waste my time trying to correct you or bring you to your senses. I'll just let you be foolish and have nothing to do with me.

The End.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


The other day I had a conversation with my mom and she was telling me about the official opening for the third longest bridge in the world which was on March 1st, but for some reason I thought it'll be on May 1st. I was so adamant bout it and keep telling her, "no mom... I'm pretty sure you got the date wrong. It's only gonna be open later in May." We kept going back n forth until my dad mentioned it's indeed opened on March 1st. 

Then of course I was so confused, who planted this weird date in May that I got so mixed up on. Later that night I'd only realized I read an article on Nylon for when Lana Del Rey is gonna drop her next album, 'Ultraviolence'. And you guessed it, May 1st. /handgun gesture, points at head and shoot./ 

And that my dear readers- the power of media influence.