Saturday, February 15, 2014

오랜만에 여러분 ~

Wow it's been such a longgggggg time since I last blogged in. But nothing much has been going on anyways so no big deal there. In my defence, I do have this urge all the time to blog at the beginning of the day then by the end of it in my mind I'll be like, meh... forget it. It's not that interesting to talk about anyways.pfft How displeasing this little devil in my head trying to convince me otherwise, always.

Sooooo, let's see what's happening in my corner lately - I've officially deactivated my Facebook account for over a year and no intention to switch it on again in the meantime. I still see no purpose to that website, tbh. Next, let's see... Oh yes, working on my future, obviously.. what else would someone my age do at this time of their life. Just that I probably am on a different path than what others thought I would be at the moment. Calling it my secret project, just can't tell you much except I'm working on it I'll let you know this much. 

Btw, are there even anyone reading this? Oh well I wasn't expecting a reader after being in hiatus for such a prolong period of time. If you visited here a while ago you would have read my little other so-called short stories of a girl named Doe but shortly after I've un-published it. I might published it again when I finally figure out what storyline I'm heading but no plans of that right now. We'll see.. We'll never know. I'm a very unpredictable person. 

I guess I pretty much summed up my life and oh! notice the post title in Korean? 제가 한글말 잘았어요 진짜 !  
That's all I wanna say.