Friday, March 23, 2012


Top; F.O.S
Shorts; House of Treats.

Aloha my awesome possum readers! This was taken right before i went out to run some shopping errand this afternoon. Casual is key. Weather in Penang seriously could melt me away these days, hot hot hot!

Anyways, funny thing happened this morning. I have my weekly 3-hour Taxation class on Friday till the end of my semester. & as usual i had set my alarm the night before. So this "eventful" morning, i woke up - I DID, when my alarm went off. then instantly i put it to snooze, which is what i do every time my alarm goes off. i always put an allowance of 10-15 mins for me to snooze away. From what i remembered, i had already cancelled my alarm cos i was about to get up. but i lazily wanted to catch another 5 mins of shut-eye, so yeah.. the rest of it i think u've guessed it. i had overslept !
It was already 11-ish am when i woke up to a text from my partner-in-crime asking, " Not coming har!!! Didn't tell me!!! " HAR HAR HAR. At that moment had I only realized i skipped tax class. 

Thank you for reading on till here, that means u've just read on how my Friday morning went. 

OH! In case u haven't noticed. i finally have my own domain! it is now So excited to have it personalise like that. Been wanting to get my custom domain for the longest time. Now that it looks more professional, maybe it's high time i take on blogging seriously. 
Re-link me if u previously have me in ur blogrolls or wherever that has my old link. 

Muchos <3