Thursday, December 8, 2011

ONE Life.

I hate this lifestyle! I dunno why. I can't stay up late and not at least do something that's productive anymore. I would feel like as if I've wasted that period of time in my life. I no longer could tolerate late nights and just party my night away. Drinking and partying sorta makes me sick right now. All I wanna do when I'm out with the people I'm out with in the ungodly hour is cuddling up in my bed with my favourite show to watch. That is ALL. I don't even ask for anything other than that. Or just stay in and be homely. I don't mind at all, seriously.

I can't stand drinking, getting wasted and midnight binge eating at the moment. Only to reach home at 3-4+ and going to bed at 5am. like whutttt the sorcery?! Which is what I'm doing right now and I don't like it one bit. I used to tell myself, "you need to go have fun after finishing up this paper/assignment/finals. Gather up your friends and must go party!" - Nooooo.. what was I thinking ?! I don't want that. I just need ME time after getting done with the work.

I know a bunch of people simply loveeee the late nights. Some seems to be only to go out at night. I call this the "vampire lifestyle". But I don't want to continue the sleeping and staying up late routine anymore. Probably the recent incident of losing a close friend of mine has been such a rude wake up call to all of us including me, I think it will only do him justice to clean up my act, evaluate what we have, appreciate it and most importantly - live for yourself and for your dreams! Nothing more, nothing less. 'cause in the end, WE ourselves are the only one who would be reaping the benefits or suffer the consequences.