Monday, October 10, 2011

My View. . .

. . . . . on DATING! Yes, the big D-word. You see, I live in a society or rather amongst people with the mindset that when 2 people start to go on dates or when they decide to be boyfriend/girlfriend - they're somehow kinda obliged to assume they are already in love. & I would totally understand this if I am still in my teen high school days where puppy love are still in the air, where we're all rather young and stupid and naive. But, the sad truth is now, I can honestly say these people are NOT in that age group anymore. In fact, we're young adults. Unfortunately, not all of us grow with our age. Some sadly are still stuck in their little "fantasy land" the pathetic little bubble they grow too comfortable to live in.

I can never fathom how someone can be so quick in exchanging "I love you"s the moment they became bf/gf. Those are just probably your infatuation talking and puberty happening few years too late. Maybe even as they say the start of a relationship aka the honeymoon stage which then led to them assuming they're already in love. Don't start telling me that it happens in the movies and all that crap. THOSE ARE THE MOVIES AND THE ROMANCE NOVELS! They're FICTION! Fiction = NOT REAL! Don't listen to Nicholas Sparks & owhmaigawd, for the love of God, Dear John is just arbitrary. WAIT, don't lash out on me yet, I totally have nothing against this genre of interest, in fact I absolutely love the show. I just have faith that it won't happen in reality. Now that's a true story you can believe in. :D

Those are my views, well all these still boils down to what I've said, they're somehow I believe are obliged to it. They succumbed to what society thought it's a norm but its not! In fact, I find it annoying. Especially when it leads to PDA (Public Display of Affection!). HOLY MOTHER SWEET CHOCOLATES! PDA is another whole level of annoyance and pollution to the public and an exclusive blogpost that I'll get into it.

Remember this, you don't have to say "I love you" to the person you're dating if you're simply not in love. It's not a must thing. It's OK if you're not in love even after a period of time. Who says you gotta be in love to date in the first place?! This concept is absurd.

Now, I'm not writing this in spite. I just have a couple of free hours in my hands where I would like to address this issues with my fellow friends.

disclaimer : the views written above are purely for my rants & you may or may not agree to it. the writer will not give a single f*ck. thank you for reading. :)