Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lunching with Girlies.

Some time ago back on Sept. 21st, me and my girlies aka SC, Tina and Sherena met up for lunch over at Harvest In Cafe. Another backdated post, I know right. I think I should just name this 'A Backdated Blog'. Well, it was also sort of a last meet up with Sher before she heads off to Melbourne for the next few months.

Enough small talks, let's get on with the foodporn.

My order for the day: BBQ Chicken (all time favourite!)

Tina's Cajun Chicken

SC's Grilled Fish w/ Spicy Creamy Pepper Sauce (such a long name for a dish.)

Sher's Baileys ice-cream

Done with the foods, now let's move on to our picture spam!



Tina! Us coincidentally wore stripes on that day. Great minds think alike, eh. ;)

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Till next post! :)