Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rashpal's Birthday Bash.

This has been one backdated post. But better late than never.

Rashpal's 21st Birthday Bash happened during the Independence day @ Palace d' India. It was an awesome night indeed where I got to see the old buddies again. It's almost like a mini reunion for us all. Too bad some of us couldn't make it 'cause some either got caught up with other stuff or didn't come back for the Raya hols.

Birthday Boy of the night! :)

Bo & the Birthday boy. 

It's been awhile with Jo here.

 With the girlies (L-R)- Tam, Kovitha, Bo, Dhana & Gowri.

Dhana & Bo. 

Picture spam of me and Bo! :O

She's gonna keeell me for publishing this steam face of hers. lol.

Having much fun with Kovi's scarf. 

Jo & Bo.

I noticed this is the only pic I have of Jega.

Some of us then adjourned to the after party @ Overtime. By that time, Birthday Boy was already smashed & I quote, "fucking high"

photo props to Jo for catching how gone Rashpal was. 

T'was a great night of partying and catching up with them buddies. 

Keep your toes on this space for the next post on Kovi's 21st Birthday and the after party. You definitely don't wanna miss this one.  ;)

Till then!