Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Means

I want to love someone with all my heart and soul,
Love them in every possible way,
Love them so much it hurts every time I breathe, 
Love them to the extend it'll kill me inside if I don't,
Love has no meaning except for the ones you give. 

But be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sundays Rhythm #1

I might have mentioned before in the previous blog post that I was having this idea to keep this blog going and moving, so I came up with this thought of why not post up a song or my current buzz in the ear that I'd like to share with all my wonderful readers on every Sunday.

Previously I did a 30 Days Quote Challenge where I post up quotes everyday for 30 days. Click *here* to start on the very first day of it.

Now, its different. It's not a tag, it's a trend or my blog pattern where i'll be posting a certain groove that i've been grooving to for the week or something that i've been playing on loop for a period of time. Old, new, futuristic or whatever, if i've been listening to it, you will be too.

So let's not waste anymore time and get jiggy!

 Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks

Saturday, September 24, 2011

03092011 // Kovitha's 21st & After Party!

Hello my fellow readers! We meet again :D This is another backdated post of what happened almost 3 weeks ago. Oh well, I'm a firm believer of better late than never. 

So on the Saturday of the 3rd of September was my Kovitha's 21st Birthday Celebration. She has been my classmate for my entire high school life which comes up to 5 years! This girl is one of the most studious and hard working person i've ever known. She is now pursuing her dream in studying medicine, so proud of her.

Birthday Girl! 

Another picture spam of me and Bo!!!

w/ Vivian TanSC. 

from instagram 

Group pics of the night.

We stayed at Kovi's birthday celebration for awhile until 10-ish before adjourning to the after party @ Sixty9ine Mansion. We had another belated birthday surprise for Joshua planned over there as well. Can you imagined? 2 birthday celebration in one night. No wonder i was so smashed the morning after. 

The following pictures you're about to see had me looking tipsy already. it's badddd to mix whiskey and then beer after that. 90% of the pictures here and those being uploaded by Rashpal in Facebook, let's just say i don't quite have a memory of me taking it.

w/ the girlies & Joshua.


 That night was INSANE! Partied on and on & finally reaching home at 5am. We were so rocking it, i don't mind doing it all over again with these awesome people.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello my fellow earthlings! I'm currently blogging from the iPhone Blogger app cause I couldn't be bothered to on my laptop to blog. Yes, I'm lazy like that.....*Just kidding. 

Well anyways, I just wanna drop by to catch up on things and all that jazz. Not to worry, I still remember that I still need to blog about Kovi's birthday celebration. It'll be up soon. 

I recently had some idea on how to keep my consistency in blogging and I know I'm sounding a lil like a broken record always saying things like how I will blog always and yada yada yada BUT it's serious business this time!

So till then, make your everyday a blast!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rashpal's Birthday Bash.

This has been one backdated post. But better late than never.

Rashpal's 21st Birthday Bash happened during the Independence day @ Palace d' India. It was an awesome night indeed where I got to see the old buddies again. It's almost like a mini reunion for us all. Too bad some of us couldn't make it 'cause some either got caught up with other stuff or didn't come back for the Raya hols.

Birthday Boy of the night! :)

Bo & the Birthday boy. 

It's been awhile with Jo here.

 With the girlies (L-R)- Tam, Kovitha, Bo, Dhana & Gowri.

Dhana & Bo. 

Picture spam of me and Bo! :O

She's gonna keeell me for publishing this steam face of hers. lol.

Having much fun with Kovi's scarf. 

Jo & Bo.

I noticed this is the only pic I have of Jega.

Some of us then adjourned to the after party @ Overtime. By that time, Birthday Boy was already smashed & I quote, "fucking high"

photo props to Jo for catching how gone Rashpal was. 

T'was a great night of partying and catching up with them buddies. 

Keep your toes on this space for the next post on Kovi's 21st Birthday and the after party. You definitely don't wanna miss this one.  ;)

Till then!