Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog Anniversary and Thumbs Up!

Hello hello! How's everybody doing? I've been wanting to update this space for the longest time but I just don't know what to blog about. I ranted over in my twitter (follow me!) a few times on how I should be consistent and not having the mojo and what-not. I'm really good in finding excuses, don't I? But for the fact that it is, I really do not have anything in mind to blog about. My daily life routine are more or less the same for everyday, so I can't be blogging bout the same thing, right?

Anyways, I just wrapped up my 30 Days Quote Challenge. That tag was amazing! Not just my page views go sky-rocket, I found some really inspiring and thoughtful sayings I never thought I had in my little black book. & the best part was I could share it with all of you! Nothing is as amazing as being able to inspire others. That is like the greatest honour I could do in my life, I would say. heh.

I didn't want to blog just for the sake of blogging and getting traffic, I find that very pointless. I'd rather share something useful, updates and what's up what's down in my life. Give me a thumbs up (Y) if you agree. No? Oh well... but one thing not to worry though, this site will still be kicking for many many many years to come. Hmm, what else to let you guys know about..? OH! Not long ago I started using instagram (username: polingc). It's almost a lot like a social networking site where you post up pictures just that from there, you could edit it with numerous amazing filters and share it with the world. I'm still trying to pick up the habit of taking more photos around me 'cause I wasn't the type that would never-leave-home-without-my-camera kinda person. So yeah, but do check out my instagram - support and follow! :) 

OH! I almost forgot!!! It was my blog's 3rd Anniversary on the August 18th. *singing Happy Birthday shamelessly. lol. I can't believe I've started blogging 3 years ago. How times flew by. Drop my little bloggie a 'happy belated birthday' comment if you're reading this, will you?

....but I guess it'll just be #foreveralone

Alrighty then, this post has been so wordy. I'll promise to put in some piccas next time.

Till then!