Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catch up, Ketchup.

Yelloooo everybody! Blogging from workplace at this moment. In case most of you don't know, I've been working for the past month starting May. It's the holidays, I don't wanna bum at home doing not-so-productive stuff. Gotta be in motion now people!

So, my last paper ended last 27th, felt so relieved. It was almost like I just lifted 4 tonnes of weight off my shoulders. Almost literal. Pretty intense exam month plus not forgetting the start of work. I believe nothing comes easy and I gotta work hard towards what I want, no matter the cost.

I kinda felt lazy to blog these days, AND also not forgetting that I still owe you the 30th day of the quotes challenge. No worries, I haven't forgotten. Oh! & I have this random idea of vlogging - what do ya think? 'cause since I'm so lazy to type, how bout talking to the camera? random//might happen//might not happen. Guess you just have to stay tune to find out more. I've had *my youtube channel* for ages and I never uploaded anything there. Perhaps it's time to make full use of it. *grin. 

Till next time,  xx