Saturday, June 27, 2009

He's a legend, never to be forgotten.

legendary. 'nuff said.

I could still remember the days during my childhood where my mom would just place me in front of my tv set with MJ's music videos..ON REPEAT. i could proudly say tht most of the time, cartoons were replaced by his ultimate no.1 hits vids. He was like the first artist I got to know even before I learned the ABC. This is no BS, seriously. It was apparently one of the easiest way for me to sit still & not turning the hse upside down.

, billy jean, beat it, black or white & the list could just go on forever. But the most prominent song that really touched me has to be the Earth Song. *hands down. I could never finish watching the vid of the song without tears welled up in my eyes. it was so heartfelt & no other song could give me the same impact EVER.

He was an amazing figure to look up to in so many ways. Come to think of it, he used to be & somehow still is in my list of outstanding individuals to meet before I die. I guess this would be a huge loss I got to deal with for the remaining of my days to come.

Michael Joseph Jackson