Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's a Bull Run.

Happy Chinese Moo Moo New Year readers. ;)
The year of the Rat is gone & dusted, let's just leave the past and bad doings where it belongs. Invite&Welcome the year of the Ox where the year 2009 is where hard work pays off well. I didn't manage to make a list of New Year's resolution when the clock struck 12 last January 1st. So instead, I'll make it up by making a Chinese New Year's resolution. interesting enough? hmm, I thought so. -_-

Truth to be told, im not making any list. In fact, i am known to Not follow instructions (list) well. but 2 things for sure I am determined to change is, "Never judge ppl before hand!" & "Never say N.E.V.E.R.''.  I'll try my utter best to get to know them better before making any silly judgements cause there's always more than meets the eye. I would like to apologize to those that had been hurt by my calls. It wasn't my intention, blame the situation. =)

and lastly, CNY '09 wouldnt be the same like any other CNY before. sit back, watch & be entertained. it'll be an unforgettable experience. trust me.

Be jolly, go drink & be merry. Love U long time, till next. xoxo

p/s. I'll do whatever it takes to fix my blog. *fingers crossed.