Wednesday, January 28, 2009

.Ditto. Part II

I want a simple explanation 
for what I'm feeling inside.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's a Bull Run.

Happy Chinese Moo Moo New Year readers. ;)
The year of the Rat is gone & dusted, let's just leave the past and bad doings where it belongs. Invite&Welcome the year of the Ox where the year 2009 is where hard work pays off well. I didn't manage to make a list of New Year's resolution when the clock struck 12 last January 1st. So instead, I'll make it up by making a Chinese New Year's resolution. interesting enough? hmm, I thought so. -_-

Truth to be told, im not making any list. In fact, i am known to Not follow instructions (list) well. but 2 things for sure I am determined to change is, "Never judge ppl before hand!" & "Never say N.E.V.E.R.''.  I'll try my utter best to get to know them better before making any silly judgements cause there's always more than meets the eye. I would like to apologize to those that had been hurt by my calls. It wasn't my intention, blame the situation. =)

and lastly, CNY '09 wouldnt be the same like any other CNY before. sit back, watch & be entertained. it'll be an unforgettable experience. trust me.

Be jolly, go drink & be merry. Love U long time, till next. xoxo

p/s. I'll do whatever it takes to fix my blog. *fingers crossed. 

Sunday, January 18, 2009


It blossoms
It falls
It makes our life fragrant
It adds colour to our life
It requires no water,
No fertiliser, no sun
Not even a portion of ground
It is L.o.v.e.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Still Believe.

Somehow I know I will find a way to a brighter day in the sun
somewhere I know that he waits for me
someday soon he'll see I'm the one

I wont give up on this feeling
and nothing could keep me away

Cause I still believe in Destiny
That you and I were meant to be.
I still wish on the stars as they fall from above
Cause I still believe, believe in Love

I know whats real cannot be denied
All though it may hide for awhile..
With just one touch Love can calm your fears
Turning all your tears into smiles

It's such a wondrous feeling
I know that my heart can't be wrong

Love can make miracles change everything
lift you from the darkness and make your heart sing
Love is forever when you fall it's the greatest power of all

Yes, I still believe.. Believe in Love

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Friday, January 2, 2009

Spanking Fresh 2009.

As we grow up,
we learn that even the one person who wasn't suppose to let U down,
- probably will.
U'll have your heartbroken probably more than once,
& it's going to be harder everytime.
U'll break hearts too,
- so remember how it feels.
U'll fight with your best friend,
& lose friends U thought U would always have.
U'll cry because time is passing so fast,
that U eventually lose somebody,
U couldn't picture your life without.
So take too many pictures,
laugh a little too much,
& LOVE like U've never been hurt.
'cause every 60 seconds U spend angry or upset,
is a minute U won't ever get back.

Would U stick with me through whatever?